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Thread: Bricked PAL Wii 4.2E

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    Hello People!

    I Bricked my wii with Super mario Galaxy last time. i have a black screen ect.
    I have a save mii, when i put it in my wii it says: 4.2 eur + the wii drive is spinning.

    So my question is: Can i unbrick my wii with Metroid Other M (original disc) the 4.3 update?
    it worked in the earlier updates right?


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    hi i also have banner bricked my soft modded wii it was running 4.2e this happened a few times wwhile i was installing anew systems theme but i managed to unbrick by using preloader and bootmii but now it has bricked again and i cant get into preloader and i doont have a nand back up so basically ithink im screwed unless anyone knows differently on how to fix this thanks in advance for any help also would the metroid other m update work for me cos i cant get past the files are corrupt screen thanks again
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