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Thread: Can anyone help please. My Thread Title Got Loose!

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    Hi, I cannot get a wiimote to sync with it so no.

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    I imagine that the wii was downgraded to 3.2 before it was sold to you. I don't know what update is on the wii fit plus, but it sounds like that update could have been 3.4 and the wii was downgraded from 4.x, but the idiot who downgraded it failed to remove the stubbed ios50 when they did. So when the wii updated from disk, it so that the ios50 on the wii had a higher version number than the ios50 in the disk update, so it skiped the ios50 install. Unfortunately, the ios50 on the wii with the higher version number is a useless, non-functional stub.

    Only two ways to fix it.
    1- Use boot2 bootmii if installed
    2- Re-program the nand using a nand programmer. This only works if the wii has a vulnerable boot1 or you have the bootmii nand.bin or key.bin from that wii. I the boot1 is not vulnerable or you don't have nand.bin/key.bin- It can not be reprogrammed. Sell it for parts.

    In the future, ensure that all your wiis do not have any stubed system ios higher than the current. If the wii is 3.2, you should be suspicious. If a wii is 3.2 and has stubed ios50 or ios60 or ios70 installed and is updated via disk to 3.4 or 4.0/4.1 or 4.2- It will brick. The same can happen to wiis that are downgraded to 4.1 from 4.3 and get updated to 4.2. Those are the common ones, but any disk update resulting in the wii updating to a system menu version running on a stubbed system ios will brick the wii.
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