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Thread: Safety and Health I think it's Banner Brick, Please give me a hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by brunooo View Post
    It didn't work either, omg. I don't know what to do now, I'm fried. Is there anything else I should try? Do you think downgrade may fix it? I already downgraded to the 4.1 is it dangerous to downgrade it again?
    No need to downgrade again.

    Download the new modpack from my guide. Install the cios60 again, install SM 4.1 again, load the app manager and run the priiloader installer again- in that order.

    Before you do that, disable all priiloader hacks, except block online/disk updates and no delete haxx, jodi, dvdx, ....
    See if that has any effect.
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum but have read both this and another thread were people have had the exact same problem as I am having. I tried to run format.elf, but it didn't complete, and then I was unable to set up the region correctly. I was able to get cboot2 to load to install everything, and got HBC fully functional, but could not access the system menu at all. so I then went a nand restore, which still had the problem.
    I am currently on 4.1u, with a launch, bootmii installed as boot2, and everything up to date using modmii.
    I have run nandclean to remove any traces of priiloader uninstalled and reinstalled time again.
    So has anyone found a real working solution to this problem? or is anyone able to give me an idea on how to get my wii to format correctly and then region select correctly? I can install the WAD and bootmii will read the region, but dop-ios won't, syscheck won't, and I'm assuming the sysmenu doesn't because it won't load.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    EDIT: To clarify, my symptoms are: Wii boots fine in maintenance mode, sysmenu locks up or wont' load if accessed through any other means, sometimes a loud buzzing noise when the sysmenu locks up. And my wii shop channel is all white. Thanks again.

    EDIT2: Looks like a noob, I just now found the latest formatter pack, and it ran perfectly, sorry for the wasted space of this entire post. was a life saver, thank you!!!!
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