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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 BRICKED my Wii

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    To prevent these kinds of things happening in the future, make sure you check what IOS the game needs. A game only needs one and Tealc has set up an excellent list of games & their required IOS's. Super Mario Galaxy 2 only needs IOS56-64-v5405 installed via WAD Manager to work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    And how's this relevant? Tell me, as I'd like to know. This is called non-contribution and in no way shape or form could be construed as constructive as relating to OP's problem.
    and this reply helps how?

    Pylon, first off, never update if it asks you to, unless you are running the updater and are doing it on purpose. Secondly don't go out installing every cios you can find as that won't necassarily remedy it either. I try to only change one thing at a time and see if anything was fixed, if you change too much you end up with not knowing what the heck fixed it or made it worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pylon View Post
    I don't think my SM was 4.1,... I can't tell you exactly, but I had previously downgraded to like 3.2 or whatever was the one that was so friendly to Hacks, like Gecko OS, and Menu Loader, etc. (Was that 4.1?)

    I'll try and unbrick the Wii using the advice posted from Bliepo. But even if I get it working, I'm not sure how I can get Mario Galaxy 2 working...

    I'll have a look around, but I didn't read about many other people having problems with Mario Galaxy 2, is it not an issue for most users?
    Well perhaps you installed the latest and greatest ios30-v2816
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