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Thread: How to fix banner-brick with GC???

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    Here is the other method, in detail
    Its a broken link- but I saw your post on gbatemp:
    New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.1v Wii's and below -
    3 questions...
    1. I assume an uscrubbed is a large (4+ gb) rar. I only found rars at sizes of ~3gb. Ho can I tel lif these are also unscrubbed? would that method work with that 3gb rar?
    2. My wii is pal. Do you think it'll work with a pal version of Castlvaenia Judgment?
    3. Last, what game do you suggest I'd start with? Castlvaenia Judgment or Mario Kart?

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    for you situation, I would use the Castlevania Judgment method, since you need to uninstall a bad wad. It also is more flexable method as you can install/uninstall multiple wads and exit to the HBC.

    The game is not the most popular so- You could rent it, or torrent it. But the fastest way would be from usenet. You could have it in a couple of hours. Usenext has 14 trials from about a buck, and if you pay with paypal it does not auto renew. Its a good deal.

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    There are many on usenet
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    Quote Originally Posted by azv View Post
    Its a broken link- but I saw your post on gbatemp:
    Sorry, I merged mauifrog's cited link with a different thread --- the link is now this (guess that shows I should've left a redirect in place, eh Maui?)

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