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Thread: help a girl in need

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    I'm sure we've had a few people do it here, it's usually the IOS people remove though.
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    help a girl in need

    can you please help me. i was modifying my wii 3.4 i installed HBC & bootmii as an iso and then made a nand backup. then continued with instructions... truchabug.. said it was optional so i didn't installing iso 60 patched wad or upgraded top 4.1; i loaded the preloader. thats where my problems began. it froze! I hit the home button on the wii remote or restarted the wii ( I can't remember) and loaded the preloader again before i realized that i had messed up. it froze again. my wii did not brick at this time. I was able to my knowledge; to intall iso 60 and upgrade to 4.1 and then loaded the preloader with no problems amd i also completed the rest of the of the instructions (using preloader to instalol iso files and neogammaR7 it said it was all done i restarted and i went to test it with a game that worked fine in another wii and i got this distorted message " the system files are curpted please refer to wii system manual for help troubleshooting" i could barely read it. can you please help me this was my sons wii and i feel terrible about what i did to it.
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    firstly id remove your email address and ask people to pm you

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    Hold reset while turning on your wii. This should load Priiloader. There should be an option which says Load Homebrew Channel. Select that. From Homebrew Channel, load WAD Manager and re-install iOS60patched.wad. Once it has complete installation, press Home on your WiiMote To exit. Next from Homebrew Channel, run the Priiloader Installer and attempt a re-install. Once it has finished, it should reboot your wii to your system menu. If it boots to Priiloader, go into the settings and set AUTOBOOT:SYSMENU and save settings.

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