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Thread: i think i bricked my wii help

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    no it is not. pls take a look at the stickied posts in this section that explain your options for a black screened wii

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    I am amazed

    Seems like you Fully bricked your wii mate, I am amazed you didn't Brick it Earlier Tho, Upgrading via nintendo can sometimes create bricks, But also downgrading. Its a brick wii waiting to happen, but on top Upgrading using Waninkoko Firmware Updater. Your poor wii must be Right confused, that must be a Wii just wanting to brick. Messing with the wiis Firmware is not the best idea if your softmoding your wii but Going up and down it is sewerside. Sorry mate about your wii but you should have stopped soon as you softmoded. Seems to me be cheaper if you buy a new wii..

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    Upgrading a downgraded Wii is a recipe for disaster.

    When you update any Wii to 4.2 it stubs your old IOS60, after all you don't need it anymore. When you downgrade most people, those who don't understand IOS anyway, neglect to fix those stubbed IOS and when you upgrade you are left trying to run of a stubbed IOS, a zero file, just a placeholder.

    There are two solutions and both of them require a vunerable boot1 which newer Wiis do not have.

    If your Wii DVD slot flashes twice when you power on then there's hope, if it just lights up once then it's back to the big N for a repair.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    If i have a nand backup and bootmii installed as an iso. is there hope? what would the nand files look like? the blue light only flashes once.

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