Hows this for making no sense.......

I had a 4.2 wii in Japanese, managed to get Dop-ios to work and tried to change the language etc.
I rebooted the wii and had system menu 3.2J and when I tried to go into wii settings, I got the Opera browser error.
Then bannerbomb wouldn't work and kept coming up with an error (in japanese so don't know what it said) and hackmii with the no vunerable ios and couldn't get back into dop-ios or anything.

After trying everything I could find, I copied the AnyRegion_Changer_v1_1b pack to my sd card and it loaded no problem.

I changed everything on there to europe/UK and when I rebooted, I had a UK wii with 3.2 menu and all my uk games worked again.
I now have homebrew installed fine and hackmii had no issues at all.

I have since tried the CioSCORP uninstaller but it just loads a blank black screen and preloader doesn't get past the first load screen.

I'm going to go through the 'New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii' from the start and see what happens.

I appreciate all the time you took to help me and I'm recommending you to the Queen for a knighthood

Thanks again!