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If none of the mentioned methods work, then nintendo will have to do alot of extra work to examine your wii. It is possible, but unlikely.

But I am speculating, as I still don't know what you did to your wii.
Unfortunately that makes two of us because I am not sure what I did either. Had the mod complete but NeoGamma would not work. Kept giving me DVD read error so I think I either did something with StartPatch 4.2 where I disabled some DVD checks or it might have been a wad I installed which was related to IOS60 - I know, now I know, I know, - what can I say, no matter how you get it somehow you have to pay for your education! Anyway at this point it is literally a door stop. I might attempt to send it in but might just take it in the chops. Still undecided but thanks for all the help on this site. Might be awhile before I try this again ;(