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Thread: bad wad brick help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemesis23 View Post
    yes it is coming up but when i put the disk in it spins for a couple of seconds then stops.
    correct me if im wrong? but an auto boot disc that is a backup (they all are arent they) wont boot using anything other than a modchip or backuplauncher or app via homebrew. (maybe cboot2) will it???

    i thought that the universal rescue discv2 had to be launched via an app or a backup launcher or mod chip?
    if somebody could tell me i would be very grateful

    this is why it spins only for a second or two/ wheras when you insert an origonal disc it will spin spin spin???????

    *maybe if we used proper ninty discs (if you can get them) we could burn our universal rescue discs to them and they would auto boot"*

    *please disregard the bits in stars as im being silly*

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    I read somewhere that one of these discs doesn't require a modchip or cIOSCORP to run, however I'm just too skeptical to believe this. The Wii is desgined to reject backup discs.

    If you could get cboot2 to launch a specially modified backup launcher then I guess that could work, however what would be the point. As we saw Jamie anything can be fixed so easily with cboot2/boot2 methods, bad wad banner-bricks would be a 2 minute job. We don't see too many people with banner bricks with boot2 because it's so easy to fix and they just do it without posting.

    If you could buy Nintendo recovery discs they would work, they'd have to be signed to be accepted by the security chip.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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