helpp please cant get preloader instaled on my wii 4.2e tryed evey thing please help ive followed this 4. Copy the necessary hacks.ini file from the folder to the root of your SD card.

5. Copy the preloader folder from the apps folder on the download, to the apps folder on your SD card.

6. Load the Homebrew Channel and select preloader

7. On the install screen press +.

If you get no error message continue with step 8.

7.1 At this point if you get the following error: ” Failed to get root, Current IOS(36) has The fakesign bug fixed ” then you haven’t ‘freed the bug’ refer to the links in the requirements section to do this.

7.2 At this point if you get the error: “Got Root! Ticket could not be found” download THIS FILE and place the preloader029.dol file in the preloader folder inside your apps folder on your SD card. Rename the current boot.dol file to preloader030.dol and rename the preloaderv029.dol file to boot.dol.

Go back to homebrew channel and re-run the install process. When your put into the Preloader menu choose to return to the homebrew channel.

Eject the SD card and again place back into your PC. Back in the preloader folder in the apps folder, delete the boot.dol file and rename the preloader030.dol file back to boot.dol. Put the Sd card back into your wii.

Run the homebrew channel and again run the preloader install. It will now install the 0.30 version.

8. When you next turn on your Wii, hold down the reset button to access the preloader menu.

9. When the In the preloader menu scrool down to system menu hacks and enable block disc updates. This will disable any original or backed up games that have an update partition on them from running and potentially disabling all your homebrew or at worst, bricking your Wii. Scroll down to save settings. Once settings are saved, press B to return to the menu.
i keep getting this error: “Got Root! Ticket could not be found”!!!! help please