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Thread: help me please bricked my daughters wii

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    yes your not wrong ill do it now cheers mate jaffa teal your stars thanks man

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitevanman View Post
    so if i make another backup of nand i should just keep the key file i did try that to be honest but when i tried to put a space where it tells you to in hex it ended up a slightly smaller file size than 1024 im doing something wrong but i dont no what ill go and get another key file now or try anyway lol
    Regardless of the input in proper spacing the file size should stay the same. You didn't have to get another one just if you felt that you messed up somehow don't save the changes made to the file re-open it, try again or get another 'key.bin' of your system and try again.

    Beta3 has a small bug about the equivalent to the bug Beta2 had except the 'Nand.bin' file is still good and isn't left at '0' bytes when the user attempts to skip the backup verification. Instead when the Backup verification is skipped on Beta3 it leaves the 'key.bin' and 'nand.bin' seperate when before the files were together with the 'key.bin' file at the end inside the nand file identifying the console.

    There's a 'ppcboot.elf' fix that was released before the end of last month. The Nand dump has to be a result from the new 'ppcboot.elf' being present. It makes the appropiate spaces within the 'key.bin' file making dumps recognizeable, but the verification after making the backup still can't be skipped without the two files being seperated onto the SD card root. The 'key.bin' file has to then be manually appended or just make another backup without skipping the verify.
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    IGNORE ME! i didnt read the full story! oops silly me!
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