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Thread: Any way to save my wii w/out sending to Nintendo?

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    I have the known HBC Bootmii bug too. I managed to run wadmanager via cBoot2, installed preloader, but haven't got further than that due to crashes... so you may not have got any further without Nintendo fixing it anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModderMan View Post
    let us know what happened when you get it back from nintendo...about the charges and stuff...we would all like to know

    Well its fixed ninty fixed it they didnt state it was replaced just repaired. Its been sent out so i should get it tommorow or today if im lucky as they use dhl. However the wierd thing is i have a launch wii and they know this and this is the 3rd time they've repaired it out of warranty, and not charged me and so my final geuss is if you have a low level bricked wii send it out to nintendo they are muffed they have no idea whats going on. In their diagnostic notes they wrote bad/no picture signal . So i geuss if you have a low level brick there is still hope

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