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Thread: IOS60 Brick, any suggestions?

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    I once knew a PC salesman, who occasionally got memory modules or CPUs with intermittent faults. Companies would be difficult to deal with regarding intermittent faults, so he just used to run a high current across the chips to kill them. Could you do this to your NAND to prevent nintendo from reading it and see had been soft-modded? Then maybe they replace it for free as a general hardware failure? I don't care as not bricked mine, but might be useful to others.

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    If you have access to a surge generator, apply a 1.2/50 μs pulse at the dc voltage input of the wii and it will look like it was thunderstruck. Not impossible, tho i dont know if they will replace it for you. Try it tho, your wii is a brick anyway

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    Well, I got my Wii back today and they replaced it

    Don't think I'll be messing around with this again. I may just try to sell it and the games and stuff i have and buy a ps3.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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