Howdy community!

So, i've got this wii, opened, caseless and without a dvd drive, and of course, with a nice black screen.
Gamecube controller, savemiifrii, recovery menu 4.1 message appears
Using the only dvd drive I have for wii, with a Wii Top Dual+E modchip installed, I'm able to boot Mario Kart Pwnz and Castlevania Pwnz with disc swap for Super Smash Bros PAL.
The problem relies in the disk swap!
When I boot using Mario, when it tries to install the channel, I eject the disc, put the prepared ssbb disc so it could install the ssbb channel and, no joy, black screen, disc still spinning, laser goes all the way till the end of the disc and stays therer, nothing happens, not even the noise of laser reading disc.

When I boot using Castlevania, the disc plays till game menu and when I press HOME to swap the disc, the "wiimote" menu hangs instantly.

Anyone ever seen a brick like this?
Anyone got a sugestion about how to fix this?

I never dealt with a recovery menu... and I have one question, using the recovery menu with a disc with a newer menu (4.3, I have super smash bros original disc), it should autoboot the disc and update the menu to 4.3?
This Wii Top modchip, blocks disc updates?

It's possible to create an autobooting update disc?

The bluetooth and wifi modules are A-OK, tested in another working wii.

Thanks in advance!