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Thread: Freeze on Health and Safety Screen.

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    Question Freeze on Health and Safety Screen.

    It's been 2 years since I've been on this site. I was the guy who had a bricked wii and went through an adventure ( to figure stuff out, so I'm not new to Wii hacking here.

    Long story short: I was browsing reddit, and someone had a Wii Issue, and I got curious. He doesn't know how his Wii got bricked; One day, he turned it on and it would freeze on Health and Safety Screen with no option to "Press A". The dude and I made a deal for me to sell my extra Wii to him, and in turn also send his broken Wii to me. I should be receiving it in the mail in about 4 days.

    Stuff that I asked him to try/information I found out:
    -He said he didn't have BootMii installed, and never installed any homebrew.
    -Maintenance mode does not work
    -Savemiifree works, 4.3U shows up.

    If I were to find a modchip and burn a copy of some sort of recovery/unbricking disc, would that work on 4.3U?
    Is there any disc that has a forced update with 4.3U on it to possibly fix this?

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    You can fix it via modchip and compatible dvd drive using the 003 brick fix.
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