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Thread: Wii will not boot!

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    Up and running

    So the Wii now boots up as normal and I now have the hombrew channel installed, but still a little confused on how to do the backup you suggested?


    Update: I think I have just found it and I am in the process of doing a BackupMii (Nand) back up to the SD card from the Bootmii menu (Bad Blocks are: 204, 1201, 1210, Corrected Page: 126929, 147987, 255665 )

    Once this is done I assume I need to remove the SD card (FAT32) and format the Wii system memory and then stick the memory card back in in and reload it's contents, will it automatically do this or will I need to do the SSBB trick again?

    I would like to thank you all for your patience ESPECIALLY Mauifrog, this sort of thing is way out of my comfort zone and although I do spend a lot of time on and around computers I actually know very little about them so please appreciate that what some of you guys take for granted can be a real mountain for other's (like me)

    Again all the best.


    P.S is there a simple process of making my Wii region free?
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