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Thread: I'm an idiot and need professional help

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    You must have a modified 4.1 menu, since the SD card menu was added as part of the 4.0 release.

    When you finally get in and start the update, I would recommend that you include the 4.1 menu that is marked as optional in chapter 2, just to make sure that you have a sane menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    Follow chapter 1, 2, and 3 of the softmod any wii guide. Install the HBC, bootmii and make a nand backup.

    Once you have done that, download this-

    Extract the files to sd:\
    Read the readme and follow the instructions. When you load fstoolbox, use ios236.
    Okay, I followed the Softmod guide to the letter, and had absolutely no problems. Everything went smoothly.

    Now I'm trying this fstoolbox thing but I've encountered an error. I'm able to launch fstoolbox and select ios236. Then there's a menu that isn't really laid out in the instructions, but I press A and I'm taken to the file structure like the instructions say. I go to shared2/wc24 and go to the first file and press +. That's the end of it, because I get a message that says "fopen error" and everything quits

    What am I doing wrong?


    Scratch that, I tried it a fourth time and this time didn't start with the first file in wc24. All files wrote fine except for the following: dlcnt.bin


    I don't know about that file, but what I do know is that I'm IN!! I restarted my system and had no message about corrupt system files! WOOHOO!!

    Thank you so much to mauifrog and everyone else who helped. I really appreciate it! You guys rock!
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    Glad it is working
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