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Thread: 4.3U Wii is Bricked (Banner bricked i think)

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    Download this Auto-Boot BLIND v2.0

    Use iospatcher to change ios on B.L.I.N.D. to ios80

    Burn the disc good and proper and see if that will load.
    That would only work if you had a patched system ios. So if you don't have a patched system ios, it will not load and neither will any other recovery disc. That is ok though, there are other options.

    Option 2- burn NetflixWii[NTSC]
    Unplug any wifi in your home that the wii is connected to.
    Load the disc via savemiifrii.
    When the disc loads it will look for network, which you don't have. It will then take you to the system settings to fix the issue. Once in the system settings you can-
    1- format the wii removing any bad banners, and all savegames, installed channels, etc
    2- install a savegame exploit. So you can run a game exploit via savemiifrii, install the exploit from data managment, then run the exploit from the game to load wiimod. Then you can load a cios and uninstall the bad channel.

    Make sure you don't uninstall and ios/cios/system menu's. Only installed channels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome
    M, didn't you know his Priiloader has retired from the console ?
    I misread the first post. My bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by sven
    [16:26:34] i'm never sarcastic.
    [16:26:41] feel free to quote me on that.

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