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Thread: help!!!!!!!!! this thread title is horrible!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kunparekh18

    Did you read the Things Not To Do thread? It clearly specifies not to use custom themes. Anyway, a lesson hard learnt for you.
    I would never use or recommend custom themes unless 1) The person knows what they're doing (still dangerous anyway) or 2) they have some high level brick protection (ie Priiloader, BootMii boot2, SNEEK or all the above)

    Why use a custom theme? What's wrong with the real one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by help please
    I am a stupid noob, because I have a full brick on my 4.3 red wii (usa) and i only have bootmii as an iso.
    1) could someone help me
    2)if not is there a cheap stuff i could buy to unbrick it
    Well if you have priiloader you can acess homebrew channel and install the Bad menu. And also died you install a menu that was for another wii system menu?Its better if you know what your doing before you install a system menu or at least know if it's compatible with your wii system menu. For example I have a Japanese wii(used to be American but I used arc) and I have 4.2 and I installed a 4.2 system menu.

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