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My first 10 mile run

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by , 02-23-2011 at 01:27 PM (1462 Views)
I made a few blogs last year on my running progress.
I reached 10KM distance which I was doing 3 times a week, best time 56 mins.
I have now converted from metric to statute and today I did my first 10 miles, 1:38mins.
Don't you youngsters start laughing, thats not a bad time for a veteran.

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  1. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
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    10 miles would take me at least 3 hours and im young and not over weight. lol
  2. cisko's Avatar
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    Well done WiiJohn,us veterans have too stick together although I could'nt keep pace with you!
  3. WiiJohn's Avatar
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    I'm entering the Para 10 Challenge. I won't be wearing boots and carrying a 35lb pack. (you have to do it in 1hr 50min to beat the challenge.
    Seems you have to do that to join them, then they get you fit.

    Paras' 10 - The Ultimate in 10 Mile Endurance Races

    @Bad you could fill your pack with all those Wii's you have.

    @cisko, thanks for the comment, please accept my condolences for the passing away of Liverpool.
  4. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    Just saw your blog and wanted to say wow! Doesn't matter veteran, grandfather, whatever...good for you...that's great!
  5. WiiJohn's Avatar
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    Thanks Gen, I need all the encouragement I can get.

    I'm doing two 3 mile runs, and one 10 mile run per week at the moment.
    PB's are 3 mile 26:03 mins, 10 mile 1hour:34 mins
    very slowly getting better.