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Thread Title Fail

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by , 03-23-2010 at 07:49 PM (1111 Views)
What is the deal with all these "I can't think of a thread title" thread titles? Is it just me or is this becomming a trend of sorts? What is so hard about creating a thread title? You know the issue you are having with your Wii. Make the #$%^&* thread title something that pertains to that issue, and it will not be skimmed over by someone with a solution.
It seems also the ones making these "thread titles" or lack thereof, also have major issues even typing clear enough for anyone to read as to make out what the issue is to begin with.Do these people even have a clue what they are doing? There ought to be some sort of Wii Police that just go smack these people and take away their Wii! It just bugs me when I see this, sorry to rant, but ..... It isn't that hard.

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  1. Favs's Avatar
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    The thread titles being changed to say something entertaining would be in part due to a suggestion I made time ago.
  2. nightstah's Avatar
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    I'm guessing you didn't catch my thread on this newbie nonsense here, eh Floor? That was back on 3/8/10, perhaps others inquired before but I didn't see it.