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Bad Advice

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by , 07-10-2010 at 09:22 PM (1110 Views)
I want to start off by stating any member/staff that corrects/edits any post of mine is greatly appreciated. I unfortunately cannot spend as much time here as I would like, therefore my knowledge is limited. I try to stick to posts in threads I am familiar with. I have taken so much from this amazimg community, and try to give back what I can.

I welcome any corrections, as well as constructive critisism. The last thing I wish to do is compound the problem at hand or cause a brick of any sorts. Again, thanks to the more knowledgable members. Without Wiihacks my son would already be bored.

Since finding Wiihacks, I have located Reggie(NSMB editor), SZS modifier(MK editor), flawless emulators, media players, etc... All of which my 4 yr old son has taken an interest in. His computer/gaming skills exceed mine at the age of 30+. Sorry to ramble, but how does one put a price on a FREE community where at any given time someone is available to provide support?


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    That's why we donate! It's just a small thanks that goes a long way to pay the bills that keep this site running.
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    Word up, Floor --- our kids have benefited greatly from my time on the site. We do edit/delete/modify/unapprove bad advice when given, but to my knowledge nothing related to your stuff. That being said, stick around time permitting and if ya need anything I'm only a PM away (Floor has specific permission to do so; this is not an invitation to others). Keepin' the kids happy, gaining and sharing in knowledge is what community is all about