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  1. NUS Downloader v1.9

    by , 01-21-2011 at 10:15 PM

    Download - NUSD v1.9

    This build is intended to provide updated DSi features to users before the release of v2.0.

    The DSi Common Key is NOT embedded into this release. Once it inevitably spreads and becomes common place, I could embed the key. Many sites do not want any trace of it, so this build respects this request.

    • Multiple GUI changes
    • DSi Decryption
  2. CleanRip v1.0 - Wii/GC Disc Ripper Released

    by , 09-14-2010 at 04:34 PM
    See the original post by stomp_442 HERE

    CleanRip v1.0.1
    by Emu_Kidid

    What is it?
    A tool to backup your Gamecube/Wii Discs using IOS58 and no need for cIOS.

    - FAT32 / NTFS file system support
    - USB 2.0 support
    - Gamecube / Wii / Wii Dual layer disc dumping
    - File Splitting (1,2,3GB or Maximum file size - use ...

    Updated 09-15-2010 at 02:58 PM by Stomp_442