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Wiiscrubber 1.31 MOD 1.1

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by , 06-06-2010 at 02:10 PM (8851 Views)
WiiScrubber is a tool for Windows that allows you to open Wii and Gamecube game images (ISOs) and extract files and share them with other files. So you can for example change the language of a game or graphics replace.

This modification provides the function to replace multiple files at once. Even entire folders can be replaced, what with the normal WiiScrubber is not possible. There are both Wii, and Gamecube discs compatible.

It will need the common-key, which you can create with the enclosed in Packet Generator.

Current Bugs (v1.1):

  • The Shrinker is not working
  • GC ISOs are by you replace rendered useless (careful!)
  • Only when load will use folder over



  • ticket.bin appears under Partition.bin
  • folder replace
  • Name of the partitions are shown (also GC)
  • Also folders can be extracted (and GC) (only in the program folder)

download - HERE
source - HERE

View the original WiiHacks post by Stomp_442 - HERE

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  1. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
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    Interesting, I think I need to try this out. Only wish there was a WiiScrubber GUI for Mac OS X.
  2. emuhack's Avatar
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    You know SS that that will be a challenge for you and i can see the titles now...

    WiiScrubber x.xx for MAC ---- Compiled by SS2 (LOL)
  3. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
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    It would but I enter 3 weeks of Final Exams this week and will get zero PC time.
  4. Kendig's Avatar
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    how to replace all of em?
  5. Kendig's Avatar
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    sorry that post sounded horrible. how can i replace an entire directory all at once? could you help me out. i cant figure it out
  6. BlazeFusion's Avatar
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    How do i replace an entire directory? @ Above tell me if u find out, Thx