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FTPii and Me!

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by , 12-20-2011 at 07:23 AM (2451 Views)
FTPii for Wii and Me
A Homebrew FTP server for the Nintendo Wii

FTPii sets up an FTP server on your Wii. It uses a FTP client from you computer. It will allow you access to various parts of your Wii's data remotely. The purpose of setting this up is to gain access to the Wii's SD card and HDD (if you have a FAT32 partition set up on it), without having to unplug and move them. Basically laziness.. LMAO!

*This guide uses the assumption that a Windows XP machine is being used to communicate with your Wii via FTP. If you have a preferred FTP client, the instructions in this guide might still apply (to a certain extent)..
**It is also assumed that you have already configured your Wii's network settings. It is highly recommended to set up your Wii with a static IP.



"Set-up & Use"


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