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Two Weeks of Internet Fail.

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by , 04-02-2010 at 06:54 PM (1026 Views)
What can I say. After two weeks, I just have to post this up. My ISP had a big problem starting two weeks ago. This ISP is used by 75% of people who use the internet (in the island). Still haven't fixed it. Most people have no/unstable/slow connection. My internet speed has dropped to that of dial-up. At times, it would refuse to even load a page. I can't even stay connected to iRC for long as you can see from the screenshot below (took me 10 minutes to upload)

Anyone else ever had such an experience?

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  1. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    Just writing to commiserate with you over your ISP's slow response to address the communication needs of an island population. My sympathies.
  2. emuhack's Avatar
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    Wow... That sucks!!!!!!!

  3. omgmaserati's Avatar
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    Super Fail!