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Homebrew Repo - We need your support!

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by , 07-09-2011 at 01:30 PM (1844 Views)
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Homebrew Repository!
BluPhant (Coding)
ShadowSonic2 (Server Side Maintenance)

We don't have a full demo yet but its being worked on right now. We are working on a PC Application. This PC Application will be a huge homebrew repo for Wii Homebrew Apps and eventually DS (and more?). The application runs on the user's computer and a large amount of homebrew available from the front page and info on that homebrew. Users can download homebrew to their SD Card with the click of a mouse, users will even be able to keep their homebrew apps up-to-date as the application will also check for updates. In other words, a huge, smart Repository for Homebrew.

This is a screenshot of an EARLY beta version.

We may have a lot of UI improvements coming...
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(Possible) Features
- View all available Homebrew from your Desktop.
- View Info on Homebrew (Description, Version, Release Date, etc)
- Download Homebrew straight to your SD Card.
- Check for updates for Homebrew on SD Card.
- Self-Updating?

We're collecting donations to help cover the cost of the servers and website. Faster we collect this, the faster we're ready to go.

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