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Acekard 2i Review

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by , 06-21-2011 at 05:50 AM (3573 Views)

Might call this short but with a flashcart like the Acekard 2i, I can just get to the point without doubts.

Hats off to the Acekard Team here, I can safely say, almost no other flashcart can compete in this category. The Acekard 2i has 100% capability with all games. I've tested 10 Problematic games as well as 10 other games on it, and they all worked perfectly without any patching, etc. Just backed up my original, dragged and dropped onto Acekard 2i and works flawlessly, no issues.

Also, when Multiplayer and Download Play which are sometimes problematic with some other flashcarts work perfectly fine on the Acekard 2i.

In addition, the cheat system works pretty well. The same cheats that cause my game to lock up using an M3i Zero, work perfectly fine on the Acekard 2i.

- Works on all DS Consoles (DS/DSLite/DSi/DSi XL/3DS)
- Low Battery Consumption
- High Capability with Games
- Simple User Interface (Great for Kids!)
- Feature Packed Interface (Able to cut/paste, do WiFi Upgrades, etc)
- Support for Action Replay (Cheats)
- Multi-Language Support
- Supports WiFi/Download Play
- Supports various Multimedia formats (txt, mp3, etc)

The Acekard 2i handles Homebrew quite well, like most other cards. One good thing about the Acekard 2i is its DLDI Auto-Patching, allowing users to drag n drop homebrew applications without the need to manually patch them.

Once again, hat's off to the Acekard Team, specifically, the AKAIO team who's become the official firmware for the Acekard 2i. The AKAIO is a great piece of software on the Acekard 2i, once an update is needed (for example, new problematic games and need it to work), the AKAIO team simply gets the job done, over and over again. You can find downloads for AKAIO here;
AKAIO Forums

Simply download the latest AKAIO, unzip it and drag and drop the contents of the unzipped folder onto the root of your MicroSD Card.

Acekard 2i looks quiet nice with that shiny sticker and the MicroSD slot is conveniently placed at the top and works without any hiccups.

For the excellent quality that's packed into an Acekard 2i, at around $10-$20, it's definitely worth it and cost effective!

Final Say
The Acekard 2i is an excellent flashcart. Currently capable on DS consoles, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS, and with 100% capability and great features for such a low price. You can't go wrong with the Acekard 2i. The Main Menu is nice and simple, it doesn't eat up battery and seems to have a nicer physical look than other flashcarts. I highly recommend the Acekard 2i over 99% of the other brands of carts out there!

Final Rating: 98/100

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