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Enter The Hedgehog


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by , 11-16-2010 at 04:03 AM (20643 Views)

This tutorial will help you setup DIOS MIOS which will allow you to load Gamecube games from a USB device. This tutorial is long, make sure to read carefully. Make sure to read EVERYTHING.

0. Things To Note

1. Things Needed

2. Decrypting and Unpacking Your NAND Backup

3. Setup and Compiling

4. Patching mIOS-v10

5. Adding patched mIOS into NAND Backup

6. Preparing and building SNEEK

7. Adding Gamecube games to HDD

Once all's done. Load up SNEEK as usual with your USB Device and SD Card plugged in. In the menu, press '1' to bring up a menu with the list of Gamecube games and various settings. Once one is selected, it can be loaded through the Disc Channel.

All done, again, DIOS MIOS currently has a low capability rate since it's in early stages of development. Check the list here. Be sure Follow Me on Twitter

Crediar for DIOS MIOS, Sneek, MIOSInject and DiscEX.
WB3000 for NUSDownloader
Leathl for ShowMiiWads
Special thanks to Cile.

If I mess up anything or do anything wrong please let me know as its hard for me to confirm the SNEEK stuff since my Wii has been bricked for some time now with no way of repairs.

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Updated 11-16-2010 at 04:27 AM by ShadowSonic2

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  1. Bliepo's Avatar
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    I will try this as soon as I am back home (which should be thursday). I might also make a tutorial for Linux, if that is possible.
  2. worzel gummidge's Avatar
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    mmm think i will wait until more stable
  3. Bliepo's Avatar
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    With bootmii/boot2 I care little about stable XD I am starting it right now.
  4. skellinator's Avatar
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    I love the concept. It doesn't look like it works on many games though. It will be nice when it all works. I may give it a shot, I have boot2 8-)
  5. iEdd's Avatar
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    This is dead and discontinued now, right?

    Sure sucks for the donators that the guy killed the google code page which leads me to believe no one can continue the project.

    Maybe SD Gecko is the only option for D2-3 drives...
  6. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
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    Can't say wether its been discontinued or not. Don't think he killed the google code page, he made it set to private. Error 403 is a permissions error so that means its set to not allow public to use it. Think the idea is prevent newbies from getting their hands on it since its advanced and has a low capability as its in early stages of development.
  7. iEdd's Avatar
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    What about his quote from here:

    Quote Originally Posted by crediar
    DIOS-MIOS is officially discontinued!
    The google code page may still be active (albeit private) and looked at by some, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  8. Wickid-Vulture's Avatar
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    if you must compile that means source code right? so cant it still continue?