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Make Your Own Private Cydia Repository!

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by , 09-25-2010 at 05:44 AM (7028 Views)
Have a jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad and ever wanted to make your own Cydia Repository just for your home network? I'll show you how today.

Things Needed
- MacBook w/ AirPort
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with Cydia
- DPKG Comands from FINK (HERE)
- Ability to read CAREFULLY and Knowledge with Terminal

This guide will cover everything from making your own .deb (Debian Package), Adding Repo Info, Bringing it to Life, Updating it and even assigning it a cool domain name like my as shown in the screenshot (not a real website)

1. You'll notice two files from the package you downloaded earlier, dpkg-deb and dpkg-scanpackages
2. Open Terminal and type:
open /usr/bin
3. Copy the dpkg-deb and dpkg-scanpackages file into that directory.
4. Insert password if prompt
5. Done.

1. Open Terminal and type
open /Library/WebServer/Documents
2. In there, create a folder called cydia, then inside cydia, create a folder called deb
3. Now open System Preferences then go to Sharing, Enable Web Sharing. You should receive an IP, make a note of this.
4. Done.

Step 1 - Creating Packages

Step 2 - Adding files to Your REPO

Step 3 - Adding your Repo!

You can also check out and research on getting a static IP to share the the domain name all over the world. Of course, if your Laws/ISP/Bandwidth doesn't have a problem with it.

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