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Make Perfect Backups from Original Wii DVDs w/ SuperDump!

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by , 07-31-2010 at 10:12 AM (24370 Views)
This guide should be pretty useful to some. SuperDump is a homebrew app which allows to quickly make perfect 1:1 copies of original Wii and Gamecube games to an external device connected to your Wii.

Things Needed
- SuperDump v1.3 (Download Here)
- cIOS249-rev14 (Rev14 is highly recommended for best results)
- A SD Card or USB Device formatted to FAT32 with atleast 5 GB free.
- A Wii/Gamecube DVD
- A Nintendo Wii with a working DVD Drive
- A Computer with WinXP/Vista/Seven Installed

Before we go any further, take a look at the Things Needed for a second. Pay more attention to the cIOS249 requirement. Rev14 is extremely important. Rev 16 is "borked" and newer revs will not work because of the new modules. Also, if you don't have a cIOS installed, softmod your Wii using one of these tutorials:
New 3.1 - 4.1 Softmod ANY Wii
Softmod ANY 4.2 Wii!
4.3 Softmod Guide

Once you're ready, unzip the SuperDump_1.3.rar file you downloaded. Place the boot.dol in a sub-folder in the apps folder on the root of your SD/USB device so that it looks like this:

Step 1 - Dumping a DVD

Insert a DVD into the drive and run Homebrew Channel and load SuperDump 1.3
You'll see a screen with this writing:

Hit A to dump Wii SL DVD part 0, size 3072 MiB to SD
Hit 1 to set part Number
Hit 2 to set part Size
Hit B to Set Game Disc Type
Hit Up and Down to change output device	
Hold + (and hit A/1/2) to benchmark DVD Drive
Hold - (and hit A/1/2) to benchmark output device
I'll take the time to break down some of the options/key terms:

'part Number' - This simply refers to which partition number you want to dump from the disc. A Wii disc usually has two partitions, the game partition and update partition. While a gamecube disc has one. If you want to dump the entire disc, just leave it set to part 0.

'Part Size' - Pretty much, what size you want to break down the dumps into, in case, your device can't fit a complete dump.

'Game Disc Type' - This is a very important setting to double check. Having the wrong option selected when dumping a specific disc can make a bad copy. This option can be toggled from Wii SL DVD, Wii DL DVD and GC DVD. A SL DVD refers to 'Single Layer' DVD. Most Wii games are single layer DVDs which are 4.37 GB. DL DVDs refer to Dual Layer DVDs which are atleast 7 - 8 GB. The only two DL Wii DVDs I am aware of are Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Sakura Wars: So Long My Love. Finally, Gamecube DVDs are always single layer and take about 1.5 GB.

'Output Device' - This as the name states, is the device that the game will be dumped to. A USB or SD Card Device formatted to FAT32 is needed.

'Benchmark' - I believe this simply lets the user preview how long it will take to dump the disc. Haven't tested yet though.

Once, you're done setting up, press A to begin dumping the DVD, it will check your external device and DVD to make sure everything OK. It will then begin to dump the game in .bin format. Also showing you the time remaining to dump the current partition. If anyone's thinking that this takes too long, I'd like to point out that SuperDump currently is the fastest way to produce perfect 1:1 copies of a game (excluding using a special, rare, LG DVD Drive). Just allow it to do its job and finish dumping it.

Once done, press Home to exit and move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Converting Game Binary into ISO format

You can now remove your external device from your Wii and plug it into your PC. You'll notice several .bin files from SuperDump but no .iso. Those are the raw binary files of the game. Move the .bin files for a specific game into an empty folder. Make sure there is nothing other than the .bin files for one game in that folder, to keep it clean, do not put .bin files from multiple games in one folder!

I'm going to take a second to help people who may have dumped multiple games at once and aren't sure which .bin belong to which game. This is how SuperDump names the .bin files:

Each game has a unique id which SuperDump names the .bin files and ## is the partition number. So if you have Wii Sports Resort dumped onto a device, its .bin files would be:
RZTE01_0.bin and RZTE01_1.bin
So would make sure to put those in their own folder!

Now, open up Command Prompt. Change Directory into the folder that contains the 2 bin files. If you don't know how to do this, heres an example:
cd C:\
Next use this command:
copy /b GAME01_0.bin + GAME01_1.bin GAME.iso
Remember to repalce GAME01 with the actual ID of the game that was named by SuperDump. For example, if I used SuperDump for Wii Sports Resort, I would get:
RZTE01_0.bin and RZTE01_1.bin

So I'd do this to create the .iso

copy /b RZTE01_0.bin + RZTE01_1.bin Wii_Sports_Resort.iso
And give it a few minutes to do its work

If you don't understand all this Command Prompt stuff, Look at my bottom post for information about how to use the script I made to simplify this.

Now, you use your game.iso to do whatever you'd like.

This little post will be for the people who didn't quite get the Command Prompt. A Note, this script was primarily made for Single Layer DVDs, I haven't tested it out on a Gamecube game yet and I will NOT work on any game with more than 2 .bin files. Moving on.
Download this batch script from here. Place the .bat script in the same folder as the the two .bin files. Make sure there are NO OTHER .BIN FILES IN THE FOLDER! Also make sure that the .bin files are named something like GAME01_0.bin and GAME01_1.bin, GAME01 can be any name, once the _0 and _1 are kept.

Now, that's out of the way. Just double-click my batch script and allow it to do its job, it should close once done.

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  1. fiire's Avatar
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    Thanks for the post!!! I had been using this, but couldn't successfully convert the .bin to .iso (every converter I found wouldn't make a "wii/GC" iso...)

    'Part Size' - ??? W.I.P ???
    I'm pretty sure that this will allow users to break up the file into smaller chunks if their sd card doesn't have enough room for a full dump.
  2. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
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    Forgot to add it in. That was from the draft, thanks.
  3. zaedas99's Avatar
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    You, are my hero ! XD

    Thanks for that guide ! This will spare my bandwidth of download full games ! I'll try it soon.

    I thank you for the batch script,i was gonna make it but instead you made it ^^. Thx for all this.
  4. zaedas99's Avatar
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    Edit button is not working...

    Erm its not working for me shadowsonic2 ! The prog launch perfectly, but when i plug in any usb device, its say "are you sure usb device is there ?" + an error... I've tried 2 usb key of 16 gb, fat 32, in both usb port (in case one couldn't work) and my external usb DD , which is also fat 32..

    whats the problem ? Despite, it see my sd card... but its only a 2GB so...
  5. s0ur's Avatar
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    Shadow, I am pretty sure "Sakura Wars: So Long My Love" is dual layer as well.
  6. jasen4435's Avatar
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    dude thanks for this works awesome and to the one having usb probs if your using gx it will other than that i cant give any advice
  7. jasen4435's Avatar
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    quick question im trying to dump to a 2 gb sd card i know cant do it all in one dump so would i do part 1 then 2 or what
  8. kayrontwamms's Avatar
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    hi i'm unable to back wii games to usb only sd super dump on wii states(unable to initialize usb is device present?) and I know that usb and usb port on wii work ..any suggestions
  9. homebrewhacker's Avatar
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    Does it hurt the disk?
  10. homebrewhacker's Avatar
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    I mean does it hurt the disk?
  11. Bliepo's Avatar
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    This program is fairly old. It's better to use Cleanrip.