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iDevice: Worst Case Senario Horror Fix

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by , 05-29-2010 at 11:13 AM (5992 Views)
Made this tutorial after experiencing it myself. Some iPod Touch 2G/3G and iPhone 3G[S] users may have ran into this nightmare while upgrading/downgrading. Stuck on an un-jailbreakble firmware that won't go past the plug into iTunes screen and goes into a boot loop. I experienced this when upgrading my iPod Touch to OS 4.0 Beta. The upgrade failed and I was left with a boot loop which would NOT allow you to restore successfully.

Some people may ask why not do a restore directly instead of recovering out of the boot loop then restoring. Simple, iTunes will usually spit out an error.

Things Needed
- iTunes 9.1 or above (Found here)
- iRecovery (I'll explain in a bit)
- Your iDevice's firmware (Found here, I recommend getting the firmware you were trying to upgrade to, unless you have your SHSH for older firmware)
- Your Device's ECID SHSH (must have them backed up before if you plan on downgrading)

iRecovery Setup
Download iRecovery for Windows here
Download iRecovery for Mac here here

Unzip the file. Mac users will notice there's just 'iRecovery' while Window Users will notice two .exe and a .dll. Before window users may use this, they must setup libusb using the libusb-win32.exe file included. Once LibUSB is setup. Proceed with the process.

NOTE: Plug in your iDevice before continuing!

Step 1 - Stop the Boot loop
a) Windows Users open up 'Command Prompt' while Mac users open up 'Terminal'
b) Navigate to the folder which contains iRecovery by using cd command, here's an example:
cd C:\iRecovery
c) Once in the iRecovery Directory, run iRecovery by doing this command:
For Windows:
irecovery.exe -s
For Mac:
./irecovery -s

d) Now use these commands. Once one is done, proceed with the next command.
setenv auto-boot true
e) Now, reboot your device by holding the 'home' and 'power' button for 10 seconds.

It may seem like its still the same because it still does not get passed the 'Plug into iTunes' screen but the reboot loop is gone.

Step 2 - Restore with iTunes
You should have iTunes open and the .ipsw file for your device that you downloaded. Open up iTunes, you'll notice that iTunes detects the device in recovery mode. You'll notice the update button is faded out while your only option is 'Restore'. If you're on Windows, hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click Restore. If you're on Mac, hold Option on your keyboard and click restore.

It should ask you to find the .ipsw for your device, browse for it and open it. Now iTunes should begin restoring your device, do not unplug it. Once done, all should be fine.

(Optional) Step 3 - Jailbreaking
If you're lucky enough to restore back to 3.1.2, 3.1.3 or 3.2. You'll still be able to jailbreak using Spirit. The One Click, Untethered, Jailbreak for all devices. Read more about it here

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    Thanks for creating this guide. I sincerely hope than when OS4 really rolls out to all iDevices, that none of us will need this. Still, nice to know this guide is here.