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Possibilities: Nintendo's Plans?

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by , 05-24-2010 at 06:39 PM (1349 Views)
Been thinking of it lately, ways today can stop our precious cIOS. Will add more eventually.

1. Check for custom iOS
Simple, new game with this check. When its loaded, it checks your Wii to see if any iOS is installed in any slot above 200 (For example cIOS222, 223 or 249) and either:
a) Deletes it (Not sure about legal stuff here, My country doesn't really have the same USA laws)
b) The game locks up. Just as we saw with Rugby League 3 when a patched IOS53 was present.

One simple way to solve this type of AP, patch the disc so when it checks the Wii for custom iOS, it instantly tells the game that there are none present or the only ones present are Nintendo's stubbed iOS.

2. Update Boot2 which does checks
1. Nintendo could easily roll out an update which updates the console's boot2. Since boot2 loads before the system menu and iOS. The boot2 can easily do checks for installed custom iOS and other things such as block out the hackmii installer and so on.

The solution may be a bit complicated. Not sure how exactly but I think an exploit would have to found in the boot1 or boot2 level for the Wii. This exploit will probably execute a something that will patch the checks being done by the boot2 and install the homebrew channel (Just as in the iPad/iPhone with jailbreaks). One problem, although there is an exploit present in older Wii's with the old boot1. The new Wii's will have trouble since boot1 has been patched since Mid-2008. This means a new exploit will have to be found since boot1 is read only and can not be changed.

Well that's all I've got for now.

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  1. Favs's Avatar
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    Seems like a logical assesment but then they could also implement improved BCA protection along with checking for patched and custom IOS which would help prevent piracy and in term would keep the wiihacks forum flooded with crap as per usual.
  2. zymurgy's Avatar
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    They could also have just given up on the current Wii Console if Mario Galaxy 2 is any indication and will put fairly robust content protection into the Wii 2 that will have faster and better processors .
  3. jerseywii's Avatar
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    i dont want to give them any ideas...but they could do what SecuROM does to Win 64 architecture
  4. slayer666's Avatar
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    i dont think it really matters what they do someone will hack it lol
  5. adarabloodraven's Avatar
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    well if they try to do something like that, I got a nice "brick" to throw at their office.