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Tweetaholic for iPhone Review

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by , 05-19-2010 at 06:28 PM (1233 Views)
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Well, I've tried many Twitter Apps on my iPod and I must say Tweetaholic is the best I've ever seen. This one takes the cake when you're talking Twitter on your iPad/iPhone/iPad. That's right, its on iPad too.

Simple UI
Tweetaholic is a simple and easy app to use. Most things are done from one single screen. All options are on a 'rotating wheel' side-bar moved by your finger. One single screen, many options with even more features. Here's a screenshot:

Feature Packed
So many features, so little time.

Automatically Shortens Tweeted Links - Tweetaholic can shorten those long links that take up precious characters in your Tweets to much shorter URLs using

Now Playing Feature - This is quite an interesting feature. When you're listening to Music while on Tweetaholic, selecting the 'Attachment' Option reveals a 'Now Playing' button which allows you to tweet the song info including the song name and artist as well as a link to TinySong which let's followers check out what you're listening to.

Facebook/Instapaper Integration - That's right, Tweetaholc allows you to integrate your facebook and Instapaper account. You can save links for later reading onto your Instapaper account or post it on Facebook using Tweetaholic.

Supports TwitLonger for those longer Tweets - Tweetaholic has TwitLonger support for those extra long tweets.

Post Pictures using TwitPic/TweetPhoto/yFrog - Tweetaholic allows you to post photos taken from your iPhone straight to your Twitter using a service of your choice.

Post Videos using yFrog - Just as with photos, Tweetaholic allows you to post videos from your iPhone to your Twitter.

Blacklist Words/Users - Tweetaholic allows you to blacklist words or users. This means it prevents blacklisted words or users from showing up in your mentions, timeline and messages.

Automatically Shorten Words - Every word counts. This feature saves you time and characters when Tweeting. It automatically shortens words like 'at' and 'with' to @ and so on.

Convert ASCII art into actual Smileys! - Tweetaholic allows you to convert certain things like : ( or : ) into the actual smiley.

Allows you to have Multiple Accounts - Tweetaholic allows you have multiple accounts and switch between them.

Themes Coming Soon - Tweetaholic will soon be having themes to add some extra style to it. Though themes may cost you.

Get More for Less
For the by far, best Twitter App for iPhone/iPad/iPod, this is pretty cheap, for now, its only $0.99 but will be $2.99 in a matter of 24 hours. I'd even call it pretty cheap if it was for $7.50. This App has everything a Tweetaholic could have dreamed of and let's you see Carlos the Bird fall down everytime you launch the App. This App is definitely worth it. Especially with more things to come.

I give Tweetaholic 5 out of 5 golden stars. I personally use this myself.

The App can be found in the AppStore here

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