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For Upcoming Black Wii Owners

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by , 05-06-2010 at 04:29 PM (11278 Views)

This is for the people in the USA and Canada who plan on buying the new Black Wii. To clear up a few things.

Yes, your new Wii will be softmoddable. It will probably come with either system menu 4.1 or 4.2 (If not all, most of them will come with 4.2), If it does have 4.2 on it, do this tutorial by me to Softmod. If you happen to have to have 4.1, Do NOT update, instead use this tutorial by Dogeggs to softmod. Please note, although you will be able to softmod, there is a high chance that your black Wii will have a D3-2 DVD Drive, this means that your Wii will NOT be able to load DVD Backups, instead you will have to use a USB Loader to load backups from a USB HDD.

For those who don't know the advantages of using USB Loading over DVD Loading:
1. USB Loading is faster than DVD loading. While DVD Backups only load at 3x (half the speed of regular wii games), USB Loading allows games to go at full speed and then some (8x)

2. No space is wasted. All Wii games have extra 'useless' padding that makes them larger (usually 4.37 GB), WBFS Managers strip of this junk data before installing them onto HDD. Let's do some Math, If you had 50 games burnt on DVD-R. They all will be 4.37 GB (atleast), so that means 4.37 GB x 50 = 218.5 GB of space is used. However, most of that space was wasted, a game at largest would be 3.5 GB when junk is stripped off, so here's another worked example if we were to place those 50 games on a USB Loader; 3.5 GB x 50 = 175 GB. And that's at most!

3. All your games are in one place. This saves you room. Instead of having a stack of DVDs, you have one HDD with even more games.

4. DVD Backups can damage the Wii's laser. Some faster than others, though you can stick with high quality DVD-R to reduce this factor.

So there you have it.

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  1. Kryptical's Avatar
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    Man that Black Wii looks nice. Too bad I have a white one.
  2. narse1979's Avatar
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    Man that Black Wii looks nice. Too bad I have a white one.
    You could always give it a lick of paint
  3. Qecbum's Avatar
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    EPIC i am buying a black wii tonight after work and i am going to mod the shiiiiit outa that!
  4. silen's Avatar
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    i recently bought a new wii on black friday this year. i could not resist the advantages it had. so yeah i bought one and i have done softmod on many wii b4. this one came with 4.3u not much of a problem because it can still be hack. once i was done hacking it i was able to play games from via usb. but now i cant launch original games from the wii ch. i can only launch them from neogamma or any kind of loader.