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[Simple Tutorial] How To Install WADs

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by , 04-25-2010 at 04:22 PM (48997 Views)
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Before continuing, you need to be softmodded, otherwise, this guide will never work. If you're on 3.1 - 4.1, use this tutorial by doggeggs and if you're on 4.2, use this tutorial by me (shadowsonic2)

First off, you'll need a SD Card or USB Flash device formatted to FAT32. The device should have two folders; wad and apps. In the wad folder should be .wad files which you'll be installing. In the apps folder, there should be sub folders containing a boot.dol. You'll need wad manager's boot.dol which can be found here
Your SD Card should look like this (where as X: is the drive letter)
X:appswad managerboot.dol

Pictures to come

Insert your SD Card into your Wii and Load Homebrew Channel. You'll see WAD Manager there.

Move your cursor over it and press A. It should ask you to load it. Press 'Load'

You should now be taken to a disclaimer. Read it. Press 'A' to continue. Press 'B' to exit.

It should ask you to select an iOS Version to use. You should choose one which has the trucha bug enabled. iOS249 is a good one to choose since it has the bug unless you are not softmodded.

You should now be prompted to choose a source. The source is the device where you will be installing the .wad from.

You should now to able to navigate through your device. Using the d-pad on the wiimote, navigate into the wad folder. Press A to select it. Once in the wad folder, you can select .wad files to install or un-install.

Once you select a .wad by pressing A on the WiiMote. You can choose an action.

Your .wad should now be in the process of installing. Pay attention to it incase of errors.

Once complete, press any button to continue then press the home button on your WiiMote to exit.

If you get any errors, look them up in the error index

My apologies about the flash on screen.
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