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CIOSX Rev20 Changelog

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by , 07-31-2010 at 08:47 AM (3134 Views)
[ CIOSX rev 20 ]:

- Added support to IOS36, IOS53, IOS55, IOS56, IOS61 and IOS80.
- Updated IOS37, IOS38 and IOS57 bases.
- Installer supports GameCube pads.
- Installer supports custom slots.
- Installer network code improved.
- IOS modules timers fixed.
- MLoad module improved (new calls and fixes).
- FAT module rewritten (using FatFs).
- SDHC module improved (buffers and cache).
- DIP plugin improved.
- ES plugin added.
- FFS plugin improved.
- IOS reload block implemented (only works correctly with DVD titles).
- Identified titles cannot use custom modules.
- NAND emulator improved (fixes and usage of new FAT module).
- MEM2 protection disabled by default.
- AHBPROT flag set to allow HW access from PPC.
- Easter egg added.
- Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

I had to post this here as for some reason I cannot post to the forums as I dont have privileges.. I did before, why can't I now..

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  1. sgibson1980's Avatar
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    Sorry about the numbers.. paste error..
  2. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    I removed those numbers for you. While I was there, I also corrected a little typo. I'll go check on your privileges.
  3. sgibson1980's Avatar
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    thanks, I pasted it without previewing...
  4. cybercrud's Avatar
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    Still on Rev 14... any real reason to move to Rev 20 yet?
  5. Arnie25's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by cybercrud
    Still on Rev 14... any real reason to move to Rev 20 yet?
    Nope, not unless you need it to run some Apps.

    eg. Usb-Loader_GX recommends rev17 but if you`re managing with rv14 then stick with it.