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3DS Firmware Update 1.1.0-1J

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by , 03-03-2011 at 11:28 AM (4907 Views)
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The first firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS was released yesterday. This update brings some new features and improves the system's stability. See below for a detailed list of changes in this update.

Google Translation

● Improved system stability
 More comfortable way to enjoy, and will improve the overall stability of the system.
● Since when updating communications capabilities
 We extend some of the ability to receive data, such as Oshirase.
● Improved network connectivity
 And other wireless Internet access in some Nintendozon, sometimes can not communicate it made measures.
● "3D images of live music," added
  Delivering music is "Super Mario Brothers Theme" in, O. Kondou Hiroshi was responsible for the Super Mario series composer (piano), is played by studio musicians

It has been confirmed that this update doesn't block the flashcards that were already running on the 3DS.

Source- Nintendo

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  1. Bayliss79's Avatar
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    wow there are flashcards allready???
  2. infin1ty's Avatar
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    most flashcards that work on dsi (xl) work with the 3DS however they are not suited to launch 3ds roms i think
  3. yyhung317's Avatar
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    well basically the thing is that the 3ds is oredi hacked 24 hours later after it was release at japan..