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Guide- Homebrew Browser

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by , 09-27-2010 at 03:57 PM (3496 Views)

Homebrew Browser is a homebrew application that lets you download the latest homebrew applications and games without taking out the SD Card from your Wii.

Here is a video of the Homebrew Browser in action:

*Note*- This app can only download homebrew hosted on the website. Also you won't be able to download cIOS-dependent homebrew.

Step 1


1. Download the Homebrew Browser from here
2. In the root of your SD Card create a folder called "apps".
3. Copy the "homebrew_browser" folder to the "apps" folder on your SD card.
4. Now take the SD Card and put it in the Wii.

To see more info on this thread go here

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    just to let you know, the mediafire link for homebrew browser is dead