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  1. Free Signature Give away

    by , 07-15-2011 at 01:51 PM

    I have made some signatures for anybody who wants one, there isn't any text in them. If you want any text then let me know wat you want it to say.

    I will add some others when i get the time.

    what you see is what you get please dont post request
    only request what text you want in the signature

    click HERE to read more
  2. [Guide]Wii Game Manager

    by , 07-15-2011 at 01:49 PM

    Working With Wii Game Manager

    What this program will do for you!

    The primary function of this program is conversion to/from .iso and .wbfs files

    Sub functions include:
    Adding and removing files to/from WBFS formatted partitions
    Game cover management (Display and download)
    List export and print functions
  3. --> Peire's GFX Shop <--

    by , 07-15-2011 at 01:47 PM
    -- >Peire's GFX Shop <--

    If you want a signature, a banner for a guide all you have to do is follow these rules--->


    1)Have made 25 posts or site donator or staff.
    2)You can only request a signature every 2 weeks.
    3)Keep this thread on topic.

    You must add scouse to your post so i know that you have read the rules!
  4. [Guide] UMD to Memory stick. ISO to CSO.

    by , 07-15-2011 at 01:44 PM
    Guide] UMD to Memory stick, ISO to CSO.
    Here is a guide to rip your psp UMD disc to your memory stick and create the iso to cso to make the game smaller so you can fit more backups on your memory stick.

    First off if you haven’t modded your psp yet then go HERE or HERE

    • Make sure your psp is fully switched off then power your psp up while holding R and L together. Your recovery menu should now start up

    • Go to configuration
  5. Homebrew Repo - We need your support!

    by , 07-09-2011 at 01:30 PM (Enter The Hedgehog)
    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSonic2 View Post
    Homebrew Repository!
    BluPhant (Coding)
    ShadowSonic2 (Server Side Maintenance)

    We don't have a full demo yet but its being worked on right now. We are working on a PC Application. This PC Application will be a huge homebrew repo for Wii Homebrew Apps and eventually DS (and more?). The application runs on the user's computer and a large amount of homebrew available from the front page and info on that
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