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  1. Post-Modded Life v4 - "Need" Your Wii to be Portable?

    by , 05-06-2010 at 11:26 PM (Post-Modded Life)
    Are there any out there who refuse to leave town, go on vacation, or visit friends and family because of Wii-related separation anxiety? Or need to keep the kids entertained in the back seat while you search for the exit for that remote camping spot? Maybe too many fighting over the one available television in the house? The Intec Wii Portable Screen System allows you to make your beloved Wii a mobile gaming system that can be played in the car and at your vacation destination. The Portable Wii ...
  2. For Upcoming Black Wii Owners

    by , 05-06-2010 at 04:29 PM (Enter The Hedgehog)

    This is for the people in the USA and Canada who plan on buying the new Black Wii. To clear up a few things.

    Yes, your new Wii will be softmoddable. It will probably come with either system menu 4.1 or 4.2 (If not all, most of them will come with 4.2), If it does have 4.2 on it, do this tutorial by me to Softmod. If you happen to have to have 4.1, Do NOT update, instead use this tutorial ...

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  3. I bricked my wii

    by , 05-04-2010 at 10:28 PM
    I thought some of you might enjoy the fact that I am a boob, and bricked my wii- for about 30 seconds.

    I thought it would be a good idea to see what this does

    I was reviewing this-
    Quote Originally Posted by chukcy View Post
    that means its using the copied ticket. try and delete
    /title/00000001/00000002/content/ticket . it must have been corrupted during copy
    (normal system menu doesn't use this, only priiloader does. the actual ticket that
    system menu uses is /ticket/00000001/00000002.tik
  4. A Young Pulsar Shows its Hand

    by , 05-04-2010 at 12:23 AM

    A small, dense object only twelve miles in diameter is responsible for this beautiful X-ray nebula that spans 150 light years. At the center of this image made by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is a very young and powerful pulsar, known as PSR B1509-58, or B1509 for short. The pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which is spewing energy out into the space around it to create complex and intriguing structures,
  5. System Menu v4.3: My thoughts

    by , 05-03-2010 at 01:35 PM (Enter The Hedgehog)
    Well, I've thought about this several times and after reading Ithian's blog. I've come up with some thoughts

    Well as most of you have noticed by now, its been months since Nintendo last update to their Wii consoles update. It's been longer than usual since an update. What could this mean? Nintendo's biggest come-back against hacking? Or maybe they've stopped working on Wii? I'd personally like to go with option A.

    Though this may be inaccurate, incorrect, slightly ...

    Updated 05-03-2010 at 02:18 PM by ShadowSonic2

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