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  1. Update the Shopping Channel to v20 [Guide]

    by , 09-15-2010 at 03:03 AM

    Updated 02-04-2012 at 02:55 PM by Krank

  2. CleanRip v1.0 - Wii/GC Disc Ripper Released

    by , 09-14-2010 at 04:34 PM
    See the original post by stomp_442 HERE

    CleanRip v1.0.1
    by Emu_Kidid

    What is it?
    A tool to backup your Gamecube/Wii Discs using IOS58 and no need for cIOS.

    - FAT32 / NTFS file system support
    - USB 2.0 support
    - Gamecube / Wii / Wii Dual layer disc dumping
    - File Splitting (1,2,3GB or Maximum file size - use ...

    Updated 09-15-2010 at 02:58 PM by Stomp_442

  3. Wii Laser

    by , 09-12-2010 at 10:44 AM
    Today i thought that my drive in my wii had given up... Not that it matters so for Wii games as they are all on hard drive but I just really fancied playing some old GC titles..
    Not one that I tried would read.
    I tried a DVD cleaner.. That did nothing..
    So I then resorted to taking it apart... I followed a guide I found and cleaned the laser with alcohol and it works now better than it ever did. Apart from the Blue LED light cable that I managed to snap DOH!!
  4. Let us never forget...

    by , 09-11-2010 at 07:59 AM
    Today is September 11th 2010. Nine years ago today terrorist attacked our country and murdered 3000 innocent people. That event effected me deeply in many ways that are forever lasting. Let's never forget.... don't let your children forget.....

    Updated 09-11-2010 at 10:24 AM by Krafter

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  5. Fake or "Too Good to be True" USB Flash Drives

    by , 09-08-2010 at 03:27 PM (Post-Modded Life)
    USB Flash Drives, also known as Jump or Thumb Drives, USB pen drive, or a USB stick. We have all seen a number of very inexpensive USB Flash Drives for sale on eBay, online dealers and auction sites, and sometimes in a brick-and-mortar discount electronics/technology store. These USB Flash Drives are usually sold in sizes ranging from 8GB to 128GB.

    Sometimes, one might just take a chance; it arrives and you gingerly ...
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