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  1. Create Forwarder Channels

    by , 01-14-2011 at 06:38 PM
    (WiiMC + NForwarder 58 + meta.xml Support)

    -NTFS and FAT32 parition support
    -IOS58 for USB 2.0 speed
    -Can load from USB and SD
    -No splash screen

    Whole thread can be found here
  2. USB Loader GX v2.0 Released!!!!

    by , 01-09-2011 at 02:56 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by MarkieH View Post
    I didn't see the new Change Log yet, but here is the brand new Release of Usb Loader GX from 30m ago. I am sure the change log will be huge

    USBLoaderGX Easy Installer
    USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder_2.0.wad
  3. Multi-Mod Manager [Guide]

    by , 01-05-2011 at 09:51 PM

    Updated 02-04-2012 at 02:53 PM by Krank

  4. Custom IOSx Rev 21 Installation Guide

    by , 01-05-2011 at 09:48 PM

    Updated 02-04-2012 at 02:54 PM by Krank

  5. Another faulty Wii cause found and fixed!

    by , 01-05-2011 at 10:43 AM
    Since repairing Wiis, both me and erikie have been wondering what causes a Wii to work over component and not work over composite (or the opposite).

    erikie first suspected it was the AV encoder and as I had to tools to remove and replace the chip with little hassle, it was upto me to try it.

    Well, nearly a year later I have actually found time to test this theory and its CORRECT!

    I have now repaired a board that wouldnt output over composite (and therefore ...
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