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Win an Invite to PWN!

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by , 12-28-2010 at 04:33 PM (1869 Views)
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OK. Here's the deal. I was lucky enough to win the secret santa drawing here on WiiHacks. The prize was invites to an AWESOME torrent tracking website. Sweet, and thanks again for the goods!!
This user asked wiihacks staff to set aside his drawing prize. He wished to have us reassign it to another wiihacks user. This is his way of doing it. Inserted as an obligatory remark, specifically relating to traditional site rules and PWN rules (we don't want to see this user banned, as he's not giving away something that's actually been given to him --- we're simply acting as a proxy to respect his wishes and extend the Christmas spirit to another).

Please feel free to contribute and participate, and you may just win your own PWN invite if you missed out on our last contest! You can find the full thread/story here!

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