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WiiBrew Browser -,, -- Down For Everyone

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by , 10-28-2010 at 12:37 PM (43342 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Krank View Post
wiibrew, codemii, hackmii are all down. Keep waiting and trying....that's all you can do.
Have blogged your post Krank to hopefully keep the incessant "Error 116" with wiibrew, codemii, etc down to minimum.

This post blogged from this thread.

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  1. virgil79's Avatar
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    there are all back up now
  2. dubbz0112's Avatar
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    still getting same error -116
  3. Tony Atkins's Avatar
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    Still down
  4. Jaouad's Avatar
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    So is it still down? For me it works sometimes, stops working after a while. For instance when i'm downloading, it just gets stuck.

    Does this happen to anyone?
  5. Wilfredo J Irizarry's Avatar
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    I haven't add new features to my wii i have the browser but before intall i mistakenly gave an update to 4.3 and know when i try to add it it don't let me. I keep using u loader is a good resource to play games directly from a hard drive or a usb meanwhile im gonna share a good little fee pay site for yous if any interest it got a whole collection