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Nintendo DSi/XL 1.4.1u Update Released!!

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by , 09-07-2010 at 08:36 PM (7513 Views)
--- Special thanks to RichardSito for alerting the DSi/XL community and for Stomp's sage advice.

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Occasionally Nintendo will release updates to the existing Nintendo DSi Menu, or enhancements to other system features. This page lists many of those updates, with a brief description of their benefits, and when the updates were made available. Of course when you download the latest Nintendo DSi Menu Update, you get all of the previous menu enhancements included. Enhancements to specific features may require you to re-download that feature again to access the updated version.

* Most Recent Update:

September 7, 2010

Nintendo DSi Menu Ver 1.4.1U

+ This update provides behind-the-scenes improvements to system performance.

Previous DSi Menu Versions:

# Previous Nintendo DSi Menu and System Feature Updates:
Below is a brief history of previous updates to the Nintendo DSi Menu or system features.

August 3, 2009

Nintendo DSi Menu Ver 1.4U

o This update adds the ability to upload photos directly to a Facebook profile. (Learn more about Facebook integration with the Nintendo DSi Camera.)
o The Nintendo DSi Browser was updated.
o In addition, the Nintendo DSi Menu Ver 1.4U also contains some behind the scenes enhancements.

April 5, 2009

Nintendo DSi Menu Ver 1.3U
o This is the original Nintendo DSi Menu that came pre-installed on all Nintendo DSi systems.

Source- Nintendo


I'm waiting for more info to see if this update block flashcards. I will post here if I find any more info.
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