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WD Elements 1TB HDD (UK) 62.00

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by , 10-28-2010 at 11:12 PM (5138 Views)
This isn't a bad price for a WD HDD in this Country anyway lol.
If you go up to the 1.5TB model it only costs 10 extra. That's not bad for 500GB.
Just thought id let people know.

If you look at the next link you will see one trader is doing it for 53.00 free p+p

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  1. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
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  2. narse1979's Avatar
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    lol 2 cheaper.... . I use ebuyer for some purchases. Then you have to wait 5 days for there free delivery.

    That deal is still cheaper if you go for the 1.5TB 0ption though.

    Either way 2 good deals...
  3. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
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    Ok then, heres a better one for you

    Western Digital WD20EARS 2TB Hard Drive SATAII 64MB.. |

    use promo code "SPOOKY"

    2TB WD with free delivery for 69.99
  4. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
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    Cant seem to edit my post, so just to point out the enclosures are only a couple of quid on ebay and the like.

    Works out at probably the best deal... but for Wii, I dont see the need for 2TB... lol
  5. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
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    Also, 3rd post in a row... my main reason for using ebuyer is their support/returns policy.

    Its hands down the best of any company i have dealt with.
  6. robgee789's Avatar
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    ive never bought from ebuyer but after having a look around i will be soon
  7. narse1979's Avatar
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    robgee they do some good deals.

    BadAds Stop PI$$ing over my parade lol.

    I bought some 1 TB WD HDD for 42 pounds a piece from ebuyer and as you say I got a a cheap sata enclosure from ebay lmao.

    I only posted it in case someone may be interested ha ha
  8. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
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    I like ebuyer, I will often pay a couple quid more if they have it purely because of their no hassle returns dept.

    Extremely good at taking things bad or repairing things under warranty rather than dealing with the manufacturer.

    But that 2TB for 69.99 is a really good deal (just happened they emailed me that code as I was replying).