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Latest IOS' & Channels as wads

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by , 09-07-2010 at 08:43 AM (6600 Views)
For all you who are looking for the latest ios's and channels packed into wads look here.......

Latest IOS' & CHANNELS as wads

I know junkmail did something similar in the past but the thread has ceased to exist and I know that when it was up and running I found it usefull to link people to who were in need of a certain ios.

Ive added channels for all regions to the thread to help the people who want a quick fix or for the people that do not have an internet connection.

Thanks hope this can help some people out.......

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    Newest shopping channel now added. Also ios56 5662 that is needed to run the shopping channel is included in the d/l
    I have read the new N Update post but cant really see any big changes apart from this new channel version and more anti piracy and obviously the new ios + 1 numbers..... Im sure we will find out what this updates means in the very near future.
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    New ios' now updated after Big N's quick ios release