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Of PinkFish and DevCerts...

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by , 11-06-2010 at 02:01 PM (2536 Views)
Well I don't know how many of you know about the Wii Backup Disc (aka Pink Fish Disc) but I'll link you to a page about it on WiiBrew: WiiBrew - Wii Backup Disc

So basically I'm trying to see what these DevCerts do. Not too long ago some Wii Development discs and channels were released, along with the 'dev-key' which can be used in place of the 'common-key' to decrypt these files, etc. See this post on

As it turns out this dev-key is needed to properly decrypt the WADs on the Wii Backup Disc. These WADs would not install on normal Wiis and now we know why... so to fix this problem you have to decrypt these WADs with the dev-key and then encrypt the decrypted stuff with the common-key. I did just that and replaced the WADs on the disc using WiiScrubber, then I ran the disc through NeoGamma (note: I don't use NeoGamma for piracy) and then it installed the DevCerts just fine! But now there is one problem, these DevCert WADs are reported to use IOS3 by viewing them in ShowMiiWads, and we don't have a functional IOS3. Here is some info about IOS3: WiiBrew Forum - IOS3.

Well now we probably know why Nintendo released this stub IOS3! It was to stop their DevCerts from working incase a real IOS3 got leaked! So now I'm going to try one of these 2:

Install IOS9 into IOS3 slot using DOP-Mii
Change TMD of the WADs to use IOS9 - See WiiBrew - TMD#Header 0x184.

First I'm going to try the IOS9 in IOS3 slot since it'll be the easiest.

I'll post back when I find out more about what these 'DevCerts' do...

Well DOP-Mii would let me install into any IOS above 3 but not 3. -.- I had to use ShowMiiWads Mono to change an IOS9 wad to install to IOS3, then install that with WAD Manager, and I still don't see any difference on my Wii. Maybe they don't do anything at all? Only time will tell...

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  1. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
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    Interesting read. I've just installed IOS9 (v1034) to IOS3 with Multi-Mod Manager and dumped it with BlueDump.
    I don't know if it'll be of any help, but here it is. :)
  2. MWisBest's Avatar
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    By don't see any difference, I meant that I don't notice anything different after installing these DevCerts. I'll try booting up a game and see if that does anything.

    I wonder if IOS4 is a better fit in place of IOS3... I have an IOS4-v3 WAD (yes it's real, it's from one of the leaked RVT-R discs).
  3. mauifrog's Avatar
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    You should use ios9-v516
    Or perhaps ios16-v257 or ios36-v1042 installed as ios3.
  4. MWisBest's Avatar
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    when I get the time I'll upload the disc with replaced WADs to MediaFire. I still think it's pretty cool that I got them to install. 0.o .